May.17,2024 Recognized as the Nation’s Best Company for Nurturing Future Generations!

The Alliance of Governors for Supporting Future Generations awarded us the Nation’s Best Company for Nurturing Future Generations. We are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion by creating a lively and enjoyable workplace.
This includes supporting flexible work hours for stay-at-home mothers wanting to return to work and focusing on mental and physical health management to support employees’ career growth.

Jun.14,2023 “Declaration of Partnership Building” was made.
Jun.12,2023 Starting up to Instagram
Apr.3,2023 Entrance Ceremony
Mar.8,2023 We have been certified as a “Health and Productivity Management Organization 2023” for five consecutive years.
Nov.30,2022 From F&M Co., Ltd.
Received the “Good Company Award” in the welfare department.
Nov.11,2022 Received the Governor’s Commendation from the Okayama Prefectural Gender Equal Society Building Award.
May.27,2022 Introduced as SDGs “a company where diverse human resources can work comfortably”! @Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun
May.27,2022 The latest fiber laser processing machine has been introduced and installed!
Compared to the laser processing machine currently owned, the processing area is 3 times and the processing speed is 5 times!
The ability to cut while beveling is also a great advantage.
We will also start a new laser processing business.
Mar.10,2022 We have been certified as a “Health and Productivity Management Organization 2022” for four consecutive years.
Feb.21,2022 We gave a presentation at a seminar for accepting foreign workers with specific skills in the manufacturing industry.
Regarding the success of foreign human resources at our company, we introduced the hardships such as application procedures at the time of acceptance, the current efforts for their training, and their success.
Feb.15,2022 I gave a talk to a first-year student at Shonai Junior High School in Tamano City at the “Meeting to hear stories from companies.”
For the future of junior high school students in the region, we have provided an overview of our company, an introduction to each role in the company, and initiatives for the SDGs.
Jan.23,2022 We talked about the success of our seniors resources at the pioneering case study held at Yumetopia Osafune.
Dec.21,2021 Received certification as an “Okayama Prefecture Supporter for Promotion of Women’s Participation”.
Oct.29,2021 We had a policy presentation for 2021. Including the president, there was an announcement of this year’s action policy and priority action items from each department manager. We will unify the consciousness of all employees and continue to grow with the “Value Spirit”!
Sep.29,2021 In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of our founding, we donated books to four schools in Tamano City (elementary schools attended by employees’ children)!
Apr.29,2021 Our energetic young engineers were introduced as“The power of young people who will lead the next generation of Tamano City!”
Apr.28,2021 Interview with CEO Ms. Hatashima published on Yomiuri Shimbun!
Apr.01,2021 Entrance Ceremony
Mar.06,2021 WEConnect Kaneda Corporation selected as the 17th certified company
Mar.04,2021 3 consecutive years!! Chosen as excellent health management corporation 2021!
Mar.04,2021 Original colorful helmet for women
Jan.29,2021 Introduced by Okayama Prefecture as one of the leading companies in BCP (Business Continuity Planning) efforts in preparation for disasters!
Jan.14,2021 Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun (Japan Daily Industrial Newspaper) published our company’s “work system reform”!
Nov.06,2020 Sanyo Shinbun (Sanyo Newspaper) published an article on our newly installed large equipment
Oct.14,2020 The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry selected us as one of the CDRGs (Companies Driving Regional Growth)
Oct.02,2020 Article published on Nihon Keizai Shinbun (Japan Economics Newspaper). Company selected as Nikkei companies for the future 2030.
Sep.04,2020 Interview with CEO Mr. Hatajima published on Yomiuri Shimbun!
Sep.04,2020 Tamano City has awarded us for our efforts towards realizing a gender-equal society!
Jun.05,2020 Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun (Japan Metal Newspaper) published an article on our efforts for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)!
Apr.20,2020 The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry certified us for our “Business Continuity Reinforcement Plan!”
Apr.14,2020 Factory restrooms turning into a field of sunflowers?
Apr.14,2020 We held a work system reform seminar!
Mar.31,2020 “Excellent Health Management Corporation 2020” certified!
Jan.22,2020 Awarded by Okayama Labor Bureau as “Pioneering Company of Okayama Work System Reform.”
Nov.29,2019 Certified as #12 “Advanced Company” in Okayama parenting supporting companies.
Nov.12,2019 2 of our technicians awarded by 2019 Okayama Prefecture Vocational Ability Development Association for excellency in welding
Nov.10,2019 [Internal event] Kaneda’s ace, Mr. Nakamura’s first challenge at Okayama marathon!
Nov.01,2019 Business Eye (KCT) airing a special on our company (Nov. – Dec.)
Oct.01,2019 October Pink Ribbon Month
Sep.10,2019 [Internal event] Princess & Prince Rafting Trip ㏌ Tokushima
Aug.02,2019 Company introduced on “Okayama Prefecture Manufacturer Women Federation Support website”
Jul.25,2019 [Internal event] Jul. 20th BBQ at H steel!
Mar.12,2019 Sanyo Shinbun (Sanyo Newspaper) published an article on our company factory’s lively environment.
Feb.21,2019 “Excellent Health Management Corporation 2019” certified
Jan.25,2019 Exhibited at OTEX Okayama Technology Exhibition 2019.
Jan.01,2019 Sanyo Shinbun (Sanyo Newspaper) published an article on its New Year’s Day issue regarding “New Year Economic Roundtable Discussion”.