The products we make
are made of steel and hard
but our staff making them
have a soft smile on their faces.
This is us. We are
Kaneda Corporation

Factory certified M grade by Minister of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
(Weld steel welded in steel fabrication construction)
Advanced technology with high-level technique.
Taking advantage of our rich experience in this field, we aim to further improve our technology.

“To our customers requesting high quality products, we aim to provide something even more reliable.”

By taking advantage of our expertise on transport, large steel structures that cannot be transported by land, we can transport by sea.

Apr.28,2021 Interview with CEO Mr. Hatajima published on Yomiuri Shimbun!
Apr.01,2021 Entrance Ceremony
Mar.06,2021 WEConnect Kaneda Corporation selected as the 17th certified company
Mar.04,2021 3 consecutive years!! Chosen as excellent health management corporation 2021!
Mar.04,2021 Original colorful helmet for women
Jan.29,2021 Introduced by Okayama Prefecture as one of the leading companies in BCP (Business Continuity Planning) efforts in preparation for disasters!
Jan.14,2021 Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun (Japan Daily Industrial Newspaper) published our company’s “work system reform”!
Nov.06,2020 Sanyo Shinbun (Sanyo Newspaper) published an article on our newly installed large equipment
Oct.14,2020 The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry selected us as one of the CDRGs (Companies Driving Regional Growth)
Oct.02,2020 Article published on Nihon Keizai Shinbun (Japan Economics Newspaper). Company selected as Nikkei companies for the future 2030.